Cane Creek DBCoil CS Rear Shock - 230 x 57.5mm

Cane Creek DBCoil CS Rear Shock - 230 x 57.5mm

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The DBcoil CS features high- and low-speed compression and rebound adjustment, allowing the rider to fine tune suspension response on the trail to match terrain, riding style, and personal preference. The addition of a climb switch allows the rider to adjust both low speed compression and rebound simultaneously for improved climbing efficiency. A variety of available spring weights allow further customization.

  • 4-Way independent adjustment - high and low speed compression, high and low speed rebound
  • Twin-tube damping for unparalleled small bump compliance
  • External spring preload adjustment
  • Climb switch lessens low-speed compression and rebound damping at the same time for improved climbing traction
  • Individually dyno-tested
  • Spring sold separately
  • Hand Built in Fletcher, NC


  • Model #: K3463
  • Model Name: DBcoil CS Rear Shock
  • External Adjustments: High Speed Compression Damping
  • External Adjustments: Low Speed Compression Damping
  • External Adjustments: Rebound Damping
  • External Adjustments: Coil Preload
  • Metric: Yes
  • Positive Spring: Coil
  • Eyelet Diameter (mm): 15
  • Eye to eye length (mm): 230
  • Lockout Switch: Climb Switch
  • Stroke (mm): 57.5
  • Weight: 497
Cane Creek
UPC: 840226153285

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