Custom Bike Builder Explained

Bike BuilderDesigning your bike from the ground up can be as exciting as your first ride on a new bike. With our custom bike builder you can pick every piece that makes up your dream bike! Here are the steps along with some commonly asked questions.

Steps to your Dream Bike:
  1. Choose your frame make and model, size, and color. Color is not available on all frames.
  2. Go through each drop down menu and choose your part.  You will start with our Stock builds and then you can modify your build in the drop down menus.
  3. Select "add to cart". This will give you a preview of your build along with a final price. You can also go back and modify the build as needed.
  4. Proceed to checkout.
  5. We will call to confirm your purchase. We can also answer any questions or take specific instructions on your build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bike Builder

Bike Builder FAQ

How long after my purchase before I see my bike?
We strive to have each custom bike ship within a week.
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Does the bike come assembled?
We build up every bike and then minimally break it down for packing. On your end you will need to put on the front wheel and straighten the handle bar.
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How is the bike shipped?
We use FEDEX and insure every bike. We also use expandable foam bags the pack around each bike to ensure that your bike arrives in perfect condition.
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I am unsure of my frame size?
Give us a call. We have Serotta trained fitters and they will help you pick your size. It is helpful to have your height, weight, barefoot inseam, and shoe size. They will ask some additional questions to ascertain your riding style and use for your bike.
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I have questions on a specific component...such as crank arm length.
Give us a call. Our experts are here to help.
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I already have I need to select a wheelset?
No. Only pick the parts that you want. Select "none" for the parts you do not need.
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I want a specific part that is not in the drop down. Does this mean you do not have it?
No. There are so many options for bike parts we only put in the most common. If you want a specific part for your bike that is not in our bike builder then give us a call and we will get it for you.
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I do not see housing and cables...Are they included?
Yes. Housing and cables are included with your shifter purchase.
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